Saturday, 16 February 2013


Meat and Bubbles.

I'd like to say I happened upon this by coincidence, but I'd be lying. I have been commanded to go to Bubbledogs by everyone who has experienced the wonders of hotdogs and champagne. So I now command everyone who doesn't know what to do with their afternoon to grab a mate and run there immediately!

While you will probably have to queue, don't let this put you off since it is well worth the wait. Have a peep through the window to see what awaits you inside!

Once indoors, you will be led to your table (or bench) and presented with a menu. The champagne options are extensive and I went for the 'close your eyes and point' method, which worked out fabulously! Next mission was to select the hotdog. The menu tells you what's what and decision making shouldn't be that hard because you can have something different next time (there will be a next time)! 

The perfect venue to catch up with old friends, make new ones or simply get involved with your hotdog. We went for the Sloppy Joe (mainly because of the name) and the Trishna Dog (because it had mango chutney and I just love mango chutney)!

Don't forget the sweet potato fries which are a perfect addition to the champagne! Cheers!

Opposite our seat was this wonderful array of pictures; cute as a button and a clever little take on the hotdog.

When the bill arrived, it came nestled in this tiny novel full of pictures and comments from previous diners. We couldn't help but add our mark to the story but it's a secret!

Lunch has been stepped up a notch. What's not to love about champagne in the afternoon? (Although maybe save this for a weekend treat to promote a healthy work/ life balance...or not).

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  1. I went here the other day with a friend and absolutely loved it!
    I opted for the Jose dog, cant resist a bit of guacamole!
    Great photos and great post!
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin/GFC
    Let me know if youre following with a comment and I always follow back.
    Great blog!
    Love G xx

    1. Right, I might have to order that one next time - I feel I'm going to develop a rather unhealthy addiction! If you don't recognise me, I'll be the girl that looks like a hotdog following serious over-consumption.
      I followed your blog on GFC, love your style and fashion drawings and everything!
      E xx

  2. What a wonderful post, my mouth was watering reading it and looking at the photo's, have you ever heard of
    it is a website for travel reviews with recommendations. Just a thought (I have no dealings with this site but look on it for reviews)

    good luck with the blog, found you on better blogger network, hope you could have a look at mine, very different to yours, but what is life without a bit of variety :)

    Jenny xx

  3. Looks like a very cool place! I don't eat meat but I looked at the menu and they offer vegetarian alternatives which is awesome. And I do like champagne and the pictures on the wall are lovely! I would love to visit London as soon as possible so I will follow you and check out your blog for more recommendations!
    Found you on BBN, I am Katrin, a German living in the United States!

  4. I cannot wait to come back to London for these gems! Damn going to uni in the midlands haha!

    XOXO Sade

    1. Ha, the Easter holidays are soon!
      Really enjoyed reading your blog.
      E x

  5. You have a nice blog Ella ! Congrats !
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    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog

  6. I'm a new follower, so I thought I'd say hi :) Oh, and mention how amazing this sounds. Hotdogs and champagne?? Who woulda thought?!

    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

  7. Nice blog :) You should definitely check out my blog post, where i've re-created the bubble dog experience at home - perfect for a dinner party!

  8. Ah the food looks so good here. I was supposed to go a couple of weeks back but I failed to notice that they weren't open on Mondays! Doh! Going to make a point of going soon though.