Thursday, 21 February 2013


Just Too Tasty!

When you want to escape and have your mood catapulted upwards through the roof then look no further than Bill's in Angel. You will discover a shop-cafe-restaurant delight with shelves lined with jars, bottles and brown paper packages. So much to look at, it took me 5 minutes to actually sit down at the table!

Come in for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just doughnuts (I couldn't help it), though be aware that you won't want to leave!

Inside, it is warm and welcoming with candles in jars on each table and so much to look at and comment on that you will never run out of something to say! The tall shelves are lined with delicious looking jams and spreads and colourful foodstuffs. Dried tomatoes and peppers hang from the ceiling and comfortable leather sofas draw you towards them. The pictures hardly need any words!

Doughnuts and strawberries dipped in melted chocolate couldn't have been more appropriate at 9pm when dinner had somehow got lost along the way. Likewise, scones were an equally great choice. Tonight we supported the 'eat what you want, when you want' mantra and didn't regret it one bit.

The doughnuts were warm, doughy and perfectly sweet, served in a little mug which I would liked to have been bottomless! The fluffy and fruity scones were equally perfectly baked with jam and clotted cream in little dishes on the side.

To accompany our sweet treats, fresh mint tea and a large pot of Earl Grey made their way to our table. This created the equation for a perfect evening and I expect will probably provoke a wonderful pattern!

There will be no keeping us away now and this face is going to be making regular appearances I expect, (although it may have doubled in size if the doughnuts have their way)!

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  1. Wow this looks so goo, I'm definitely going there next time I'm in London!


  3. What I like the most at Bill's venues is their interior deco - making you feel like at home:

  4. I love Bill's! I've only been for lunch though and never had room for anything sweet after...9pm donuts dipped in chocolate sounds like something I need in my life, asap.